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The GMEP works with projects in Greater Manchester, improving the use of information and communication technologies to deliver services to the Manchester area. We report on how the government tackles the issues at the heart of this vibrant, exciting city and considers how these issues could be better dealt with.

Gerry Stoker visited Beijing for a week at the invitation of the University of Science & Technology. He met a wide range of academics and held talks about future co-operation and research plans. In particular, the issue of public service reform and the reform of local governance were debated. The professor made a number of presentations to MPA and other postgraduate students.

Manchester is a vibrant city in the north west of England, with a rich cultural heritage and much modern entertainment. Its famous Oxford Road contains the cultural corridor of galleries, theatres and museums. Near the university is a square of Gothic buildings which are designed by Alfred Waterhouse. It is also home to two football teams – Manchester United and Manchester City. If you’re a footie fan, you should definitely visit the National Football Museum.

At GMEP we love to celebrate the excellence of this city and encourage the government to act on its most pressing issues. 

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